The Future of Construction Training Series

  • Earn 3 Industry Recognized Certificates
  • Learn about the latest in Construction Technology 
  • Be SAFE and mitigate risk on the job site 
  • Increase efficiency and minimize reworks


Part 107/Surveying

Earn a certification to fly commercially, learn to capture data digitally and get the job done on the work site. Architecture, Construction and Engineering are industries where drone usage has increased efficiency and safety. Reduce costs allowing your team to run multiple projects at a time more effectively. Integrated processes streamline workflows, eliminating costly reworks, keeping customers more informed and deadlines on schedule with construction progress monitoring.

Revit for Architectural Design

Learn and practice workflows and skills covered in the exam, with sections on modeling and materials, families, documentation, views, and Revit project management. Review advanced modeling architectural topics and learn to work with walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, stairs, columns, and rooms. Learn about family categories and types, phases and design options, schedules, and work-sharing. Take practice tests to prepare for the certification exam.

Apis-Cor Operator Training

Expand your knowledge of emerging technology and reshape the landscape of the construction industry. ​Learn new skills and knowledge to keep pace with emerging trends. 3D printing technology has created new and exciting career opportunities for those determined to build a better tomorrow. Architects, engineers, builders and beyond are incorporating new practices and mastering new techniques to shape the places we live, work and play.


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